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lublinSThe Capital of the Lublin Voivodeship, Lublin is the 9th largest city in Poland and has been referred to by many different names over the years; The Gate to the East thanks to its status as a centre of culture, even being shortlisted for the European Capital of Culture title for 2016, The Capital of Festivals due to the high number art, literature and theatre festivals held throughout the course of the year and, by some tourists, Little Krakow.

Lublin is home to the Open City Festival, involving the outdoor performances of many different international artists which take place throughout the city, Lublin Miasto Poezji, the poetry festival, Rozstaje Europy, the festival of documentary film and Strefa Inne Brzmienia, or “Different Sounds Area,” the international music festival which brings the citizens of Lublin and Lviv together in celebration.

There is also the annual students’ holiday, Lubelskie Dni Kultury Studenckiej, which lasts three weeks spanning May and June, and involved a great many parties, music concerts and cultural events. There is also a main concert to celebrate the holiday every year that many British artists are invited to perform at. The city accommodates to students wonderfully, as they make up approximately 35% of the population, and as a result, the city has a bustling nightclub and music scene.

However, the city does cater to an older demographic as well, providing many charming restaurants, theatres and museums as well as having some exquisite architecture to view.

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