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First mentioned in year 1136, Uniejów is one of the oldest towns in Poland, closely connected with Catholic Church. In 1331 Town has been demolished by Teutonic Knights.

Uniejów is rich in attractions, starting from Medieval Castle built in 1365 by Archbishop Jarosław Bogoria Skotnicki, now converted to stunning hotel, with 24 rooms. Next to the castle you can enjoy geothermal leisure centre, with thermal pools, saunas, spa & wellness centre and tasty meal in Thermal Restaurant. Uniejów geothermal waters are 68°C.

For walkers Uniejów offers number of trekking tracks, with stunning locations along Warta river, parks, bird sanctuaries and unique midland salt meadows. Over 30% of the region is the protected landscape area – Nature 2000.

Next to Uniejow is one of the oldest parishes in Poland – Spycimierz, famous from 200years old tradition of creating stunning  “floral carpets” on Midsummer celebrations (Boże Ciało).

How to get there?

Uniejów is located in reasonable distance from 4 International Airports, with closest in Łódź (52km).

From Łódź take the A2 Motorway to Poznań, take the Dąbie Exit and then road 473 South, head down for another 12km.

From Poznań (154km) take the A2 Motorway to Łódź, take the Dąbie Exit and then road 473 South, head down for another 12km.

From Warsaw (188km) take the road E30 to Poznań, after approx 130km road will change to A2 Motorway, continue for another 40km and then take the Dąbie Exit, take road 473 South and head down for another 12km.

There are local bus services available.

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