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szczecinSzczecin is found on the coast of the Baltic Sea and has the largest sea port in Poland while only being the 7th largest city. It has been under the control of many different peoples over the centuries and only became an official part of Poland again after World War II, when Germany was defeated and the German population of the city evacuated.

The architectural style of the city is largely dated to the latter part of the 19th and the early part of the 20th centuries, incorporating the flowing, nature inspire designs of Art Nouveau and the French inspired Academic Art, which can be seen in the way that the city has been laid out in a similar fashion to Paris, although some older examples such as houses and castles from the 18th century can also be found. The city has not been heavily influenced by the prevalence of urban planning that has swept many other European cities in recent years, and many public parks and gardens can be found for people looking to step out of the busy city bustle for a relaxing break.

szczecinspaSzczecin was a considered for the title of European Capital of Culture 2016 and enjoys a wealth of cultural events and attractions, including The Dabie Airport Air show, every May, The Days of the Sea festival, which takes place every June and the Street Artists’ Festival, which takes place every July. There also a number of museums which explain the wealth of history to be found in Szczecin. Those interested in the arts and historical artefacts will find them in the Museum of the City of Szczecin, found in the Old City Town Hall, while people looking for historical documentation will find it in the Museum of the Szczecin Archdiocese.

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