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Fireworks in the Old Town, PoznanOut of the 16 Voivodeships that make up Poland, The Greater Poland Voivodeship is the second largest by area and the third most densely populated, and is well-known for being the region where, over 1000 years ago, the first ruler of the Piast dynasty became the leader of several united Slavic tribes and Poland the country was born. The peaceful landscape of stunning lakes and far reaching forests does little to give away the story of the regions bloody history of war and plague that led to the creation of the country we see today. Although the climate of the region gives hot summers and often snow in winter, there is generally heavy rainfall in the month of July, although the overall number of hours of sunshine is among the highest in the country.

The capital city of Poznań is one of the oldest cities in Poland, and its Cathedral, the first to be built in Poland, is the final resting place of the first rulers of Poland. The city was an important trade centre in the Middle Ages and remains to be so today; it is generally regarded to be the second most prosperous city in the country behind Warsaw. It contains extensive shopping opportunities, including the recently opened Stary Brower, which is considered one of the best shopping centres in Europe, and Galeria Malta, which is one of the largest in central Europe. There are also many shops, restaurants and nightclubs, but there is more to the city than this, Poznań enjoys many cultural events, one of the most important being the annual Malta Theatre Festival, which has mainly modern, experimental theatrical performances in various venues throughout the city through the months of June and July, but also included visual art, music and cinema events. Also, every five years the Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition and each month the city’s philharmonic orchestra perform a classical music concert in the University Aula.

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