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Morskie Oko in Tatra MountainsThe Lesser Poland Voivodeship, or Małopolska Province, is situated in the South of Poland, making it the warmest of all the regions in the country, and is home to Polands only desert, the Błędów Desert  where the summer heat can reach up to 38 °C. The region is also home to the countries previous capital of Kraków, which was named one of the European Cities of Culture in 2000 and lies at a crossroads, making it a perfect location for major railway routes connecting it to other major cities such as Gdansk and Budapest. Nearly the entire region lies within the area if the Vistula River and boasts the second largest of Poland?s airports, The John Paul II International Airport.

Wieliczka Salt MineThe main economy of Lesser Poland is chemical and metallurgical industries, with major centres in Chrzanów, where railways engines are built, and Oświęcim, where the chemical works are established, by the end of 2006 foreign investment within the region had reached roughly $18.3 billion. Perhaps because of this increase in money for the region, it was become a major education centre in the country, holding 15 institutes of higher education in Kraków alone, the largest of which, The Jagiellonian University, was founded in 1364 and now teaches 44,200 students, its famous alumni include Nicolaus Copernicus and Pope John Paul II. Nowy Sącz, with its Higher School of Business and Administration,founded in 1992, has also become a major centre of education in the region. The student population that comes with such highly regarded institutes of learning have encouraged a healthy student social scene to cultivate in the region.

Tourist attractions within the region also include the salt mine of Wieliczka, a museum dedicated to the birthplace of Pope John Paul II and the popular winter resort of Zakopane, as well as the museums and memorials of the most notorious of the Nazi Concentration camps, Auschwitz, which is visited by millions of people every year.

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