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SilverTown Hall at night, Main Square, ZamoscThe Lublin region, the third largest Voivodeship in Poland, is found on the south-eastern border of the country and is comprised of the three historical regions of Lesser Poland, Red Ruthenia and Polsie. Lublin has been an important area in Poland for centuries, having existed in Voivodeships of various forms since the 15th century, and was, up until World War II one of the major centres of Judaism, giving the world such secular authors as Israel Joshua Singer and Isaac Bashevis Singer as well as several prominent religious figures. The historic part of the city is home to a well-known yeshiva and Synagogue and many tourists come to see The Grodzka Gate, the first stone fortifications built around the city in 1342, which also served as the link between the old town and the Jewish district. With the coming of World War II, the region was used as locations for several concentration camps, most notoriously theSobibór extermination camp which has since been converted into a museum and memorial site.

Despite its tragic past, The Voivodeship of Lublin has become an animated academic centre, with 12 universities in its capital city, also called Lublin, where a historic settlement can be found with one of the biggest European treasures; a gothic vault decorated with outstanding frescos, and a place of abundant natural beauty, particularly within the Poleski and Roztoczanski National Parks, where tundra-esque moorlands and Polish ponies can be seen. The town of Zamosc is also well worth seeing, with its renaissance town image based on the model of padova, a city in the Veneto, Northern Italy, it is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, while Chelm boasts underground chalk tunnels carved out underneath the churches of the area.

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