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Opole Polish Music FestivalAs with many of Polands Voivodeships, Opole is named for its capital city of the same name. It is located in the south-westerly area of Poland and is becoming an increasingly attractive region to foreign investors and other regions looking for business partners due to its high level of education and potential for economic growth despite being the smallest of Polands Voivodeships in terms of population and area. Opole was previously a part of Prussia until 1945 when Poland annexed it, although it did not officially become a region of Poland until 1950 and an approximate 10% of its population is German, making the region officially bi-lingual.

The Opole Voivodeship is a lush and green region and is home to the Turawskie, Nyskie, and Otmuchowskie Lakes as well as The Opawskie Mountains for those looking to get away from it all. However, there are also cultural events such as the Polish Song Festival in the city of Opole which is held every May and a rich historical background for those interested in the history of the region. 

In the town of Brzeg is the ancestral home of the Piast Dynasty, the palace of Moszna, with 99 different towers and a gallery of busts of the members of the Piast Dynasty overlooking the entrance, watching tourists as they pass by. The first health resort in Poland to offer the hydrotherapeutic methods of Dr. Kneipp can be found in the palace of Kamien Slaski.

The Opole Voivodeship is also famous for discovering the oldest dinosaur fossils in the world, roughly 230 million years old, of what is now referred to as the Silesian lizard. There is also a dinosaur themed amusement park in Krasiejowo where the remains were first discovered.

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